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5 Best CBD Oil Brands for Dogs in Canada – Reviews

A survey reflected that every third house in Canada has a pet. The role of pets is growing in human life. From just a pet, they are now becoming family members and friends. They are indispensable in keeping us busy and entertained throughout the day. Dogs are the most popular form of pets in the present generation. They share several similarities with a human regarding discomfort, anxiety and pain; CBD oil helps to overcome such issues. 

However, proper maintenance and care are needed to keep your dog healthy and fit. CBD oils can assist you in maintaining the overall health of your pet, and the Canadian market is vast for it. Opting for the top CBD oils for dogs in Canada to keep your dog fit and fine is an excellent way to start the care path for your beloved pet. 

Top 5 Best CBD Oils and Treats for Dogs in Canada

A large variety of CBD oils and treats are available for dogs in Canada. However, for ultimate results and experience, you should look out for the best in the market. The list of some of the best-rated CBD oil for dogs in Canada are as follows –

RoyalCBD – Premium CBD Oil Brand

RoyalCBD is one of the premium CBD oils brand available for dogs. Royal CBD is a full-spectrum CBD oil prepared from hemp extracts, terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, etc. It is a tincture-based oil that you can use for medicinal purposes. The CBD oil comes in a bacon flavor that can enhance the taste and interest of your dog. So, if you want CBD oil in the premium segment, you can choose Royal CBD for your dog.

Spruce CBD Oil

Spruce CBD Oil is one of the trusted names in the field of CBD oils. It is trendy in the market due to the quality and health benefits it offers to dogs. The Spruce CBD Oil prepares by CO2 extraction provides the dogs with the rawest benefits of CBD. It comes in two flavors – Chicken and Bacon. CBD oil features in the list of top CBD oils available for dogs globally. So, as a dog owner, you cannot neglect or rule out Spruce CBD oil from your list.

Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra offers a range of premium pet care products for consumers. It is one of the trusted names in the pet industry. The CBD oils offered by Medterra are clinically tested and free from toxic components or pesticides. Veterinarians recommend Medterra CBD oils to their consumers for their brilliant quality and benefits. The CBD oils come in natural flavors for enhanced tastes.


Just CBD is an online platform that deals with various accessories and commodities related to CBD oils, treats, and pet care. The JustCBD CBD oils are 100% pure and free from preservatives or chemical additives. It can provide the best healing to your dogs. The CBD oil is GMP certified and clinically tested. So, as a pet owner, you can be tension-free from any side effects or degrading of health in your dogs.


CBDfx offers its customers the best and most premium quality CBD oils and treats. The process of CO2 extraction prepares the CBD oils by CBDfx, delivering the purest form of CBD oil for your dogs. The oil is available in two different flavors – Chicken and Bacon. If you want CBD oil in the premium segment, you can never rule out CBDfx CBD oil.

Apart from these CBD oils, plenty of other oils and treats are available in the market. You should choose the product wisely as it is related to your dog’s health.

What are CBD Oils for Dogs?

Many people may need to learn the usage and benefits of CBD Oils for dogs. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is derived from hemp. The compound is very effective in healing various weaknesses of a body. It is the main reason doctors and experts prescribe CBD Oils for different healing processes. CBD Oils for dogs are very beneficial as it helps to maintain the metabolism of their body. You should try CBD treats for dogs if you are a pet owner.

7 Things to Consider while Buying CBD Oil for your Dogs

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For Canadians, several aspects can impact buying CBD oils for dogs in Canada. Consider the factors if you are very new in this field. The points are as follows –

  • Authenticate the Certificate of Analysis

The Certificate of Analysis comes with CBD oils. It assures the customers that the product is 100% safe for pets. The COA depends on the results that the laboratories perform on the products. You should check that the oil contains zero THC and higher amounts of CBD. It is the foremost factor you should check while purchasing CBD Oils for dogs, as it provides a sense of legitimacy and assurance in the users’ minds.

  • Opt for Nano-Sized Micro-emulsion CBD Oils 

Different forms of CBD Oils are available in the market based on various factors and customer requirements. Some common types of CBD Oils available in the market include Standard Emulsion CBD Oils, Liposomal Emulsion CBD Oils, and Nano-Sized Emulsion CBD Oils. The Nano-Sized Emulsion CBD Oils are the best in quality regarding absorption, particles, etc. So, if you want to purchase premium-quality CBD oils for your dogs, the Nano-sized Micro-Emulsion CBD Oils are ideal.

  • Choose an Organic CBD Oil 

Organic products are derived from plant extracts and are beneficial for the body. If you are planning to purchase CBD Oil for your dogs, you should look for hemp-based CBD oils. Hemp has numerous health benefits and can be highly beneficial to keep your dog healthy and fit. So, while purchasing CBD Oils for your dog, organic CBD oil should be your priority.

  • Beware of Low-Priced CBD Oils 

A variety of CBD Oils are available in the market based on quality, quantity, composition, requirements, etc. You should avoid low-priced CBD Oils like the Standard Emulsion CBD Oils as they are not beneficial for your dogs. They have low absorption rates and poor particle quality. You should have a reasonable budget while buying CBD treats for dogs and try to avoid low-priced CBD oils.

  • Avoid CBD Oils with Detectable Amounts of THC

The presence of THC acts differently based on different conditions. In general, CBD oils for dogs consist of 0.3% of THC. However, the presence of THC in dog CBD oils can be dangerous. THC is suitable for humans and not for dogs. Even a small proportion of THC can disbalance the metabolism of the dog’s body. So, you should thoroughly verify the certificate of analysis before buying CBD oils and avoid any kinds of CBD oils or treats with a significant presence of THC.

  • Try to Buy CBD Oils in Tinctures

CBD Oils are available in different forms like treats, oils, tinctures, etc. Though the benefits and nutritional values are the same in all states, doctors recommend opting for tincture-based CBD oils. These tincture-based CBD oils are very effective for dogs’ health and fitness. Other forms, like treats, are less effective and can imbalance your dog’s health potency. If you purchase CBD oils for therapeutic purposes, consider tincture-based CBD oils for dogs.

  • Opt for Full Spectrum CBD Oils instead of CBD Isolate

Dog owners and experts might be familiar with full-spectrum CBD oils and isolate. These are the types of CBD oils availed in the market based on compositions. The full spectrum CBD oils are prepared from all kinds of extracts related to cannabinoids and terpenes, whereas the CBD isolate is crafted only from the CBD extracts. The full-spectrum CBD oils are very effective for a dog’s health. So, you should choose full-spectrum CBD oils over CBD Isolate to get the best results.

All these factors or aspects can be influential for dog owners. So, consider these factors for getting the best results in terms of dog CBD oils.

How can CBD Oils help your Dogs?

The conditions in which CBD Oils can help your dogs are as follows –

  • Joint Problems 

Joint problems are prevalent for dogs. These problems mainly occur due to a lack of nutrition and an imbalance in metabolism. CBD can be very effective in healing issues related to joint problems and arthritis. The nutritional value of hemp helps to reduce inflammation in the joints. According to research, dogs taking CBD oils for healing joint pains and arthritis are fitter than dogs taking drugs. So, CBD Oils are very beneficial in curing joint problems.

  • It helps to heal anxiety

Anxiety is a problem that is faced not only by humans. Dogs face anxiety, and common symptoms include aggression, fear, noise phobia, etc. In such cases, CBD oils can be very effective. The composition and nutritional benefits of CBD oils help dogs deal with anxiety without any side effects. CBD oils act as an anti-depressant for dogs. It is why doctors recommend CBD oils for dog anxiety.

  • Acts as a Pain Killer

CBD Oils are free from any side effects. They work effectively for issues related to anxiety, joint pains, etc. Another significant way by which CBD oils act effectively is by reducing pain. CBD oils are common as painkillers due to their medicinal benefits. So, for acute pain in them, you should try CBD oil for dog pain relief.

  • Improves the Appetite

CBD Oils and treats are very effective in improving the appetite of dogs. Loss of appetite is a prevalent issue faced by dogs. Doctors and experts often recommend CBD oils for resolving the symptom. The medicinal benefits of CBD oil improve and heals the digestion and immunity of dogs internally. It is a significant way by which CBD oils can help your pet to maintain a healthy life.

  • It avoids the Risk of Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that is common in dogs too. In the present generation, millions of dogs face cancer due to pollution, lack of hygiene, consuming toxic materials, etc. CBD oils and treats are very effective in reducing the risk of cancer in dogs. According to researchers, CBD is a highly effective and powerful cancer-fighting compound. The composition of CBD prevents the growth and spreading of cancer cells in dogs’ bodies. So, as a dog owner, you should choose CBD treats for dogs to avoid cancer risks.

  • Effective against Allergies 

Allergies are a common issue faced by dogs in their day-to-day lives. These allergies mainly occur due to dry scalps or skins of the dogs. CBD oils can assist dogs a lot in getting rid of allergies. The composition of CBD oil promotes the growth of new skin cells and prevents the skin from getting dry or itchy. Doctors and experts prefer CBD oils and treat cases of severe allergies in dogs.

CBD Oils are very beneficial for dogs in terms of health and are the main reason they are common in the medical industries.

Are CBD Oils for Dogs Legal in Canada?

It is a prevalent query that comes to pet owners’ minds. CBD oils and treats are a new genre in pet healthcare. Since these commodities are recent, various changes in their legal status are taking place. All CBD oils prepared from hemp extracts consisting of 0.3% THC are legal in Canada. However, all CBD oils are not considered the same by the official bodies and government authorities. It would be best if you had a thorough idea about the composition and legal status of the CBD oil you purchase for your dog.

FAQs on CBD dog oil

Where to buy CBD oils for dogs in Canada?

CBD Oils for dogs are available in pet-care stores and online platforms in Canada. You can buy CBD oils for your dogs at your convenience.

What kind of CBD oils for dogs is best?

The full spectrum CBD oils are best for your dogs as their composition is healthy.

Is CBD legal for dogs in Canada?

The CBD oils crafted from hemp extracts with 0.3% THC are legal for dogs in Canada.

Do vets approve of CBD Oils for dogs?

Vets approve CBD oils for dogs as they effectively cure different kinds of ailing like anxiety, pain, etc.

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